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Ballet performance 'Shim Chung' to be staged in Seoul

Posted October. 10, 2019 07:49,   

Updated October. 10, 2019 07:49


One of the pros of working with your spouse is that you can spend 24 hours together and create the best possible results. Of course, there will be cons as well. Kang Mi-sun (36) and Konstantin Novoselov (34), the two main dancers of Universal Ballet, have been partners at home, in the studio and on stage for 12 years, and they return to the stage together for the first time in three years for Universal Ballet’s original “Shim Chung.”

This reporter the couple at Universal Ballet Academy in Seoul’s Gwangjin District. “We had to come to the studio to practice lifting. It is the only move that cannot be practiced elsewhere,” they said. “It is a double-edged sword to have your spouse as a dance partner and practice as much as you want.”

“Shim Chung” has made its name as a classical ballet showing the world the beauty of Korean ballet. It captures the audience with Shim Chung’s graceful moves and a strong storyline based on a Korean classic novel, the Tale of Shim Chung. This year, Kang plays Shim Chung while Konstantin plays Captain or Dragon King depending on the casting schedule.

With the amount of attention focused on them being on stage together, they might feel pressure. However, they said, “We feel a great sense of responsibility due to the weight Shim Chung carries.” Kang said “I have been dreaming of performing in Shim Chung since I was a student. It has been on my bucket list,” while Novoselov said, “Shim Chung is a treasure that embodies the soul, sadness and happiness of the Korean culture.”

When the couple first went on stage for “Shim Chung” together, the ballerina had a side mission - to help her Russian husband to understand what each scene means.

There is nothing more important than each other’s presence in the run up to a show when they become physically and emotionally drained. “I rely on my husband in difficult times because he gives me energy,” Kang said. “I wondered if there is anything they wanted from each other. It seems that my husband thinks I am nagging him when I give him any negative feedback. I hope he will be more gentle,” she said with a laugh. Novoselov gave the best answer with a mysterious smile on his face. “I want nothing more from her,” he said. “She is perfect in every way.”

The performance will be staged at Opera Theater, Seoul Art Center from Friday to Sunday for audiences aged 8 and older.