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Saudi Arabia declares plans to become a hub for public art

Saudi Arabia declares plans to become a hub for public art

Posted January. 25, 2019 08:00,   

Updated January. 25, 2019 08:00


Saudi Arabia has declared plans to become the world’s top 10 entertainment tourist site. In other words, the conservative country will transform itself into a country that has ample things to see and enjoy by holding various cultural performances, international events, and friendly sports matches.

According to local news of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Asheikh, chairman of the General Sports Authority (GSA), announced that the government is discussing with some 100 partners in and abroad to transform Saudi Arabia into the world’s top 10 entertainment tourist site, adding that it is planning to invest 65 billion U.S. dollars for the next 10 years.

The Middle Eastern country plans on hosting famous performances such as the Lion King and the Phantom of the Opera, as well as commemoration events by inviting international circuses or sports stars. As online games and comedy shows are also planned, large-scale museums and performance halls are expected to be built in major cities of the country.

The Saudi Arabian government has been presenting innovative policies since last year, saying, “The door towards Saudi is opened." Riyadh is trying unconventional changes by having "de-oil and diversification of economy and industry structure" on the front.

“The entertainment industry of Saudi Arabia will generate tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of jobs and create hundreds of billions of dollars in value,“ said Al-Asheikh.