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‘Along with Gods’ to break the 10 million mark soon

Posted January. 02, 2018 08:05,   

Updated January. 02, 2018 08:28

The movie “Along with Gods: The Two Worlds,” which is based on a famous webtoon of the same title by Joo Ho-min, is expected to reach a total viewership of 10 million as early as Tuesday. The movie is likely to maintain the great box-office record as it had a strong third week at the Korean box office, reaching 50 percent in reservation rate. 
“We expect the movie to hit the 10 million mark as early as Tuesday although we need to look at the situation a little longer,” the movie’s distributor Lotte Entertainment said. The movie is likely to be the 20th movie ever to set that record at the Korean box office. 
The secrets behind the box-office success of “Along with Gods” include high quality computer graphics, oriental storyline and the timing of the release. This is the first Korean film whose production for the first and the second installments has been carried out simultaneously. 
The average production cost of this two-part movie series amounts to 20 billion won. As much as 7.5 billion won has been spent on the visual effects work for the afterlife and post-production took more than a year after shooting.
Secondly, the story itself is attractive to Koreans. The movie tells the story of a dead man who is guided by reapers to be judged in seven hells for 49 days after his death. It looks at the world from the oriental perspective. Lastly, the movie opened at the end of the year, when families tend to go watch movies during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.