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A lawmaker`s advice to female college students

Posted October. 09, 2015 07:22,   


All the parents want their marriageable daughter to meet a good man and tie the knot. They would be really worried if their daughter has never been in a romantic relationship, dreaming for “a prince charming.” Private schools teaching how to be in a romantic relationship which used to be popular overseas have been spotted in Korea since two to three years ago. Sources in that industry say that an increasing number of people seeks counseling as they fail to forget ex-boyfriends or girlfriends.

The power structure applies to romantic relations as well. Those who love their counterpart less have an upper hand. Those who love him or her more are doomed to lose. That explains why a bad man in a romantic relationship looks more attractive. Playing hard to get, the master of love lures him or her as though picking unreachable stars for their love. That’s what Casanova, the most famous womanizer, did in his love life. Having been in romantic relations with so many women, he truly loved the one whom he was seeing at the moment, which kept any woman from easily getting over him. No parents would want their daughter to be in a relationship with this type of man.

“Being is a romantic relationship would give you an eye for judging people,” said Chairman Kim Moo-sung of the ruling Saenuri Party at his special lecture at Ewha Womans University on Tuesday. When a moderator asked to avoid personal questions before his lecture began, he stared into the air with the look of mixed emotion on the face. “My second daughter had few experience of being in a relationship before her marriage. She’s now in big trouble because of the bad choice that she made (in choosing her husband),” he showed his heartache caused by the drug scandal that his son-in-law is involved in. It is said that his candid expression‍ as one of the most possible presidential candidates in the ruling party was well received by female college students.

Not a few parents agree when Kim said that our kids should learn how to be in a good romantic relationship. Many college students including those from Ewha, however, cry that they just don’t have time for romance as they are preoccupied with getting jobs from early years at campus. It’s not that they can’t find any good man or they don’t want to be heartbroken. They may find some room in their mind to look for romantic relationship if the ruling party’s leader brings about the wise solution for youth unemployment through successful labor reform.