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LG Chem to mass produce hexagonal batteries for smartwatches

LG Chem to mass produce hexagonal batteries for smartwatches

Posted July. 08, 2015 01:16,   


LG Chem is set to start the mass production of the world`s first hexagon-shaped batteries for smartwatches. The new battery is expected to accelerate the penetration of smartwatches, as it lasts four hours longer than the current rectangular batteries.

The hexagon-shaped batteries LG has recently developed are optimized for circular smartwatches and have around 25 percent more charging capacity than square or rectangular -shaped batteries, offering more than 240 minutes of life in one full charge, the company says.

An LG Chem official said that the company has conducted technological cooperation projects with global tech firms for the development of smartwatch batteries and plans to ship the new products to smartwatch manufacturers. "The new battery has laid the foundation for a rapid penetration of smartwatches whose commercial use has been limited by the inconvenience of having to recharge frequently.

LG has upgraded its battery lineups in order to meet rapidly growing demand for circular smartwatches. According to the company, more than 90 percent of smartwatches sold in the global market are circular shaped.

In particular, as global smartwatch manufacturers such as Huawei and Motorola are reportedly planning to roll out smartwatches with a circular display panel, the demand for large-capacity, hexagonal batteries are expected to increase significantly.

LG plans to take a leading position in future information technology market through free form batteries like the hexagonal ones. Free form batteries can be manufactured in any form by using LG`s proprietary "stack and folding" technology.

A company official said that free form batteries are lighter and smaller but offer larger capacity. "More than anything else, they allow smartwatch makers to freely design their products," the official noted.

LG also plans to mass-produce L-shaped batteries and square-shaped one with a hole in the middle within the next few years for use on mobile phones and notebook computers.