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NYT says Kang Jung-ho looks real

Posted May. 26, 2015 07:21,   


Kang Jung-ho of Pittsburgh Pirates made a headline on U.S. media New York Times.

The New York Times spotlighted Kang through an article titled "Actions Speak Louder for a Pirates Rookie" on its sports section page 3. It said, "Kang has secured a regular lineup place has given the Pirates a measure of relief," and quoted Clint Hurdle, the Pirates’ manager, saying, “It looks real from the lens we’ve had looking at it six, seven weeks into the season.” Hurdle added, “What he’s doing right now is probably paving the way for another guy to get another opportunity.”

The New York Times reported on Kang after he played well at the Pirates` away game with the Mets on Sunday. Kang played as a starting lineup as No. 5 and third baseman, recording one hit (second base) in four at bats and one four-balls. He succeeded in making hits for seven straight games. The Pirates won the Mets 9 to 1.

New York Times said Kang`s outgoing character helped him make soft landing in the Major League. The media said his ability to communicate in English has improved and that he has been open to get acquainted with his teammates. The newspaper introduced Kang driving a motorized scooter received by closer Mark Melancon and zipping through the hallway outside the Pirate`s clubhouse. In another episode, the U.S. media introduced Kang, before the game, waiting with some teammates to take batting practice, when he spotted a fan asleep in one section of the stands, and tossed a ball gently into his general vicinity and laughed as the fan awoke.

Second baseman Neil Walker said that each has learned how the other likes to receive the ball on double plays. Walker said it was obvious that Kang was mentally and physically exhausted trying to process all that was new, but in the course his focus has been less "When do I need to be here, when do I need to go there?" and more "How can I compete?"

Meanwhile, Chuchu Train Chu Shin-soo of Texas Rangers, at an away game with New York Yankees recorded 2 hits (one second base) in five at bats, with one RBI and two runs.