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Seoul offers up to $23,000 to encourage electric car purchase

Seoul offers up to $23,000 to encourage electric car purchase

Posted April. 07, 2015 06:53,   


The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced Monday its plans to spur electric car driving, including support of a maximum of 25 million won (23,043 U.S. dollars) when a household, company and groups purchase electric cars.

Subsidy support varies for different vehicle types. For electric passenger cars, 15 million won (13,826 dollars) to 20 million won (18,434 dollars) will be supported to people of national merit, family with many children, ordinary citizens and non-profit groups by dividing them into one to four areas (510 units). Eligible car types include Kia Motors’ Lay EV and Soul EV, Renault Samsung’s SM3 ZE, Korea GM Spark EV, BMW Korea i3. For trucks, the 0.5-ton Labo (35 units) and 1-ton Bongo (10 units) are 18 million won (16,595 dollars) and 25 million won (23,043 U.S. dollars), respectively, and for two-wheel cars, 20 KR Motors’ 50cc cars will be supported with 2.5 million won (2.303 dollars).

One slow charger has to be installed per one electric vehicle and 6 million won (5,530 dollars) will be supported for installment cost. People can choose whether to use "portable charger" that uses the 220V consent and "charger sharing" for multi-unit houses residents. Seoul will secure 500 high-speed chargers by 2018.

Seoul citizens and companies who are registered before Monday can apply. Households can apply for one vehicle and companies and groups two. Application deadline is June 5, and the results will be out through open ballot at the end of June.

Electric car purchase application can be done by visiting the place designated by electric car manufacturer. Application documents can be downloaded at Seoul City homepage (www.seoul.go.kr).