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Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women’s underwear

Burglar in his 60s gets caught wearing women’s underwear

Posted December. 15, 2014 06:41,   


A man wore female underpants with reverence. He even made a pocket to hide stolen cash inside the underwear. He did so because he believed in the superstition that stealing while wearing women’s underwear would prevent him from getting caught.

The thief identified as Hwang, who had been convicted eight times including for burglary, climbed the gas piping on the outside wall of a house at Seoul`s Gangseo district at around 2 a.m. on Sept. 8. He entered an empty home with lights off on the second floor where he was combing the house in search of things to steal. Then the homeowner, identified as Kim, returned home and shouted, “Who’s there!” The frightened Hwang attempted to escape through the narrow kitchen window, which he had entered the home. Yet his lower body was stuck. When Kim, chasing Hwang, pulled his belt, the belt came loose and his black pants, white woman’s panties, and shoes came off. Hwang fell to the ground and ran away with the lower part of his body exposed.

The police submitted bodily fluids and pubic hair on the women’s underwear for a DNA analysis to the National Forensic Service. Having thus confirmed Hwang’s identity and his criminal record, the police arrested him on Friday for special larceny. Hwang had been known as “Toothy Don Juan” among women at Bucheon`s Wonmi district in western Gyeonggi Province, as he was missing his front teeth, with the gift of gab, and would buy apparel for women he knew, and everyone know him as a result.