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This year`s college aptitude test leaves stain

Posted November. 25, 2014 01:48,   


The 2015 college scholastic aptitude test has left a stain in its reputation with "two question errors in one year" in its 21 years of history, which comes after the 2014 test with an error in world geography, losing public confidence. The head of Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, Kim Sung-hoon, tendered his resignation in taking responsibility. However, post reprimand is not enough to calm down the fundamental distrust that has already gotten uncontrollable.

The Education Ministry and the institute released the answers to questions of the 2015 college exam at the Sejong government complex and admitted double answers to English test No. 25 and Life Science II No. 8. Among 131 questions that went through screening, they have admitted errors in two questions. Answers to English No. 25 had answer 5 besides 4 as right and Life Science II No. 8 had answer No. 2 as right in addition to answer 4.

English, whose existing percentage of correct answer was high, has minimal impact, while Life Science II will likely exert huge changes in top-level applicants` college entrance results. College entrance consulting firms estimate the number of applicants whose ranks will rise reach 3,400-4,000. On the contrary, the estimation for rank degrading student number was 1,700 to 6,100.

Experts forecast that students who picked No 4 in their Life Science test, which the institute had presented, will see a cut in standard score and ranks. On disputes about these students` disadvantages, the institute said, "Since we admitted double answers before confirming the final answer, it is not proper to argue damages from multiple answer."

On the continued problems at college entrance exam, Education Minister Hwang Woo-yeo said, "We will form a committee to improve college scholastic aptitude exam and its operation system in December, and announce measures in March next year."

The ministry emphasized it will nominate a non-education sector personnel as the committee head, to find college entrance exam problems from the view of outside, but it remains in question whether this plan will properly operate. Even education veterans have hard time going through the overall structure of the exam, as well as micro issues like the process of examination.

On linking 70 percent of the exam to EBS, which is pointed out as the major reason to exam error, the ministry said, "We can`t say we will reexamine EBS connection now," but added, "We will cautiously discuss based on media recommendations etc.," hinting at a reduction in the connection.