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N. Korea threatens nuclear war in protest against U.N. human rights resolution

N. Korea threatens nuclear war in protest against U.N. human rights resolution

Posted November. 24, 2014 04:00,   


North Korea on Sunday protested yet again last week`s United Nations resolution on North Korea`s dire human rights conditions. The National Defense Commission (NDC), the North`s highest power authority, called the resolution "the most undisguised war declaration" to infringe upon the North`s sovereignty.

The NDC said in a statement that the North Korean military and people "categorically deny and reject the resolution on human rights fabricated by the United States and its allies by abusing the United Nations."

The statement went to say that Pyongyang recently "treated with magnanimity U.S. high-ranking officials who came here, bringing with them Obama`s personal letter and showed such humanitarian leniency to several American criminals who were sentenced to heavy penalties for violating the law" of the North. Noting that Washington responded with the "frantic human rights racket" against Pyongyang, the statement stressed that the U.S. is the "primary target" of its retaliation.

"The U.N. needs to seriously recollect the time when (North Korea) declared a just nuclear thunder to defend its supreme interests 20 years back," the statement said. The reference to the North`s 1993 secession from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) suggests that Pyongyang will conduct its fourth nuclear test.

Some observers say that although the statement came in the form of a protest against the U.N. resolution, Pyongyang intends to build justifications for its provocations of missile test launches or a nuclear test.

The statement also said that it was a "warning served to Japan and riff-raffs of the EU as well as the Park Geun Hye group that they can also never go scot-free." It also threatened the South Korea presidential office Cheong Wa Dae, asking if South Korean President Park Geun-hye thinks her office will be safe in the event of a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

A South Korean government official said that the NDC statement can be seen as the commission`s intention to handle the North Korean human rights issue directly without going through the North`s foreign ministry. "We are closely watching the North`s possible missile provocations before the end of this year," the official noted.