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Pepero Day sales are the highest among `Days`

Posted November. 11, 2014 06:33,   


Lotte Mart said Monday that sales growth for the so-called Pepero Day (November 11) is higher than that for the Valentine`s Day (February 14) and White Day (March 14). The results were based on the analysis of major "Days" for the past three years.

Analysis was made for the Valentine`s Day, White Day, Pepero Day and Hanwoo (Korean beef) Day (November 1) for the past three years. Lotte Mart compared sales in 20 days running to each respective "Day." The average sales growth was the highest for the Pepero Day. Sales for Pepero between the Pepero Day and six days prior to the day were 83.1 times the normal seven days, from 14 to 20 days prior to the Pepero Day. Pepero is a chocolate-coated biscuit stick. 1111 (November 11) resembles the four sticks of Pepero.

Hanwoo Day sales posted the second highest with sales during seven days before the day, 50.8 times the normal days. The Valentine`s Day and White Day followed with 9.1 times and 7.2 times, respectively. "While for the White Day and Valentine`s Day lovers exchange gifts, for the Pepero Day not only couples but also friends and coworkers exchange presents," a Lotte Mart source said. "To exchange presents of Pepero is less burdensome given that stick snacks are cheaper than chocolates or candies."