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Defense Ministry did not clear general of false accusation

Defense Ministry did not clear general of false accusation

Posted November. 01, 2014 00:53,   


The Defense Ministry has caused controversy since it hasn`t cleared a four-star general`s innocence even after learning of his alleged indecent behaviors were falsely accused.

A source at the Defense Ministry said on Friday, “When we checked the informant from the scene and military officials at the instruction of Defense Minister Han Min-koo, we found former Commander of the First Army Shin Hyun-don did not behave indecently after drinking.” According to the source, Shin stopped by a rest area on his way back to the military base after giving a lecture at his alma mater and drinking liquor, and in the process, his bodyguards sought to overly protect him, but Shin did not have physical contact or engage in tussle with civilians. The source said that news reports suggesting that completely drunken Shin was carried to toilet on the back of a military policeman, while wearing his military shoes loosely, is also groundless.

“As for the accusation that he was wearing his uniform untidily, the new combat uniform is designed to wear the top outside the belt, unlike the previous uniform, but the informant judged and reported to the authority (as if he was wearing the uniform untidily)," the source said. "The zipper on Shin’s top was about 20 centimeters open, while the zipper on one of his combat shoes was slightly open.

The Inspection Office of the Defense Ministry obtained these findings through inspection early October, but has not announced them. A source in the military said, “The office did not publicize the findings, because Shin already retired, and the inspection was not official one.” However, critics say that the presidential office and the Defense Ministry may have sought to conceal the findings due to concern that they will face criticism for forcing a four-star general to retire in disgrace because of unverified accusations.

“Former Commander Shin displayed indecent behaviors after having drinking party, not returning to the base after an event, which eventually tarnished the credibility of the military,” the Defense Ministry said at a report released on Friday. “The First Army Command hasn`t offered any clarification on the controversy over news reports containing inaccurate information (such as indecent behaviors under influence of alcohol)."