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‘123456,’ the worst password of 2013

Posted January. 22, 2014 08:31,   


‘123456’ has been revealed as the most common password used by Internet users whose private information was leaked last year.

Major foreign media including CBS covered on Monday the "25 worst passwords of 2013" announced by SpashData (www.splashdata.com), a U.S.-based password management solution company. Many of the worst passwords selected were same or consecutive numbers in a row, such as "12345678" (3rd), "111111" (7th), "123123" (11th), "1234567890" (13th). "qwerty" (4th), the six first letters on a keyboard, and "abc123" (5th), a combination of letters and numbers in a row, also ranked high.

SpashData compiles files containing millions of stolen passwords posted online, analyzes them and announces the results every year. In 2013, the combination of 123456 ranked second in 2011 and 2012, and topped the list. "Password," which stood first in 2012, came in second in 2013. Loose passwords other than these included "iloveyou" (9th), "monkey" (17th), "princess" (22nd), etc.