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Princess movies

Posted January. 09, 2014 05:56,   


Bechdel Test was created by an American cartoonist Alison Bechdel to calculate the number of male-oriented movies made in the 1980s. The test is a means of eval‍uating gender bias in a movie. The movie can pass the test, when first, if the movie has two or more female characters who have names, second, if they talk to each other, and third, if the conversations contain stories unrelated to men. Though the test seems very simple to pass, there are actually few movies that pass the test.

If Bechdel Test has grades, Disney`s new princess movie "Frozen," which is due release on January 16, deserves to get A-plus. It could be assessed as too much biased toward women.

The animation movie got a motif from Andersen fairy tale "Snow Queen." The heroines are the sisters of the Arendale kingdom. Elsa has the dark power freeze everything around her but hides her power. Her younger sister Anna, a tomboyish and reckless girl, isn`t aware of this and builds ill feeling against her chilly sister.

On the coronation day of Elsa as queen on age 20, Anna meets Prince Hans from neighboring country. Anna falls in love with him and declares marriage, but Elsa opposes to it and casts an ice spell by mistake. Feared of her inability to contain her power, Elsa flees from the kingdom and hides in a self-built ice palace.

The movie is a story of an adventure of Anna searching for her sister to break a spell of the frozen Arendale Kingdom. Anna never gives up her long princess dress even in snowfields, but displays courage and challenging spirit of those of a male hero.

Independent female characters are a trend in recent Disney princesses, with Merida in Enchanted Forest (2012) as key example.

The movie Frozen is recommendable to daughters due to this reason. Adults also will enjoy the movie thanks to Disney`s unique picture images and high-quality music. The movie also gives lessons of "be cautious in marriage even if it is love at first sight." Frozen is certificate U.