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Snow land unfolds in midst of white birches

Posted December. 14, 2013 04:14,   


In the middle of a snow-covered winter forest,

I don`t know which is forest

Or which is snow…

White snow has fallen on a white forest.

As I come closer to the forest,

I find white birches exposing their white skins

It is a scene of exotic beauty.

A scene in a Russian novel I read in my youth

White-tanned by white snow,

The scenery of the white birch forest looks like a black-and-white picture.

All is white from the sky to under my feet.

The light reflected from the white tree skins further blind my eyes.

I feel like wring a love letter beautifully and elegantly

On the white skin of the twinkling white birches.

I feel like extending my hands, offering to go on a quite trip down memory lane

Into the scenery of the white birch forest in Inje, Gangwon Province,

Where a pure white order is unfolded.

My love.