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Sydney man shown hurling racial slurs at Asian couple on bus

Sydney man shown hurling racial slurs at Asian couple on bus

Posted April. 03, 2013 10:42,   


A video has emerged of a Caucasian man who hurls racial slurs at a middle-aged Korean woman on a bus near Sydney`s Town Hall around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The man is seen yelling "Do you speak English? Why did you come to Australia? Get out of the country. You f---king bastards!"

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, an Asian man accompanying the woman stepped forward to apologize to the disruptive man and calm him down but only seemed to further enrage him. The man threatened them by running his finger across his neck, saying, "Japan bombed Australia in World War II."

"Nobody tried to stop him from abusing, except me and a Chinese woman," Chinese Australian Yong Wang, who was also on the bus, told the daily. "I felt that I had to stand up because I just thought what if that happened to my mother when she was visiting Australia?"

The Chinese woman told the Caucasian man to get off the bus and filmed him to post on YouTube. In March, YouTube footage of a Caucasian woman`s racist attack against a Chinese woman on a bus in Perth provoked controversy. The woman attacked the Asian, shouting, "Speak English."