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New leader Xi emphasizes attainment of `Chinese dream`

Posted March. 18, 2013 08:11,   


New Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized achieving "the Chinese dream" in his first speech as chief executive in the closing meeting of the National People’s Congress on Sunday. New Premier Li Keqiang also pledged to “establish a strong and successful country” in his first news conference held the same day.

In his 23-minute speech, Xi repeated the term “Chinese dream” nine times, referring to his vision of creating a society in which everyone are well off and reclaiming the glory of the Middle Kingdom of old. He also urged a service-oriented, law-abiding and corruption-free government, adding Beijing must uphold Chinese-style socialism. Xi frequently used nationalistic jargon such as “Chinese nation” or “Great (China)” nine times each just as he did in his previous speeches.

Premier Li emphasized stable but rapid economic growth by shifting the manner of economic growth, continuously improving the quality of the people’s life and fighting against corruption. He also proposed that his country and the U.S. establish new relations in the Asia-Pacific region, reflecting a change in China`s attitude toward North Korea`s nuclear weapons and intent of cooperation with the U.S. on this issue.

Asked by an Associate Press reporter on what China expects from the U.S. in the new ties he mentioned, Li said, “Despite difficulties and challenges, bilateral relations have moved forward because (their progress) has benefited the people of both countries and matched the world trend of expanding peace,” adding, “(China) hopes to nurture new bilateral relations with the Obama administration.”

The term “new bilateral relations,” which was first mentioned by Xi in February last year, refers to coexistence and co-prosperity through peaceful cooperation based on respect for core interests of the other party while avoiding confrontation or conflict.