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Gov`t Designates `8 Scenic Views of the Han River`

Posted September. 14, 2010 11:34,   


The Office of National River Restoration under the Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry announced Monday a project to develop “Eight Scenic Views of the Han River” starting next month.

The plan is to turn the eight spots into waterfront ecological parks for preserving “the scent of nature, history and culture.” The spots include historical landmarks and natural scenery sites.

The ministry and the Seoul Regional Construction Management Administration will hold an information session Tuesday on the plan at Yeoju County Office in Gyeonggi Province.

The ministry had earlier announced 12 "hotspots" in the Nakdong River system and will select eight more attractions each in the Yeongsang and Geum rivers.

The first of the eight Han River views is Dumulmeori in Yangpyeong County, Gyeonggi Province, which boasts a beautiful sunset with a lotus colony. This is the place where the Bukhan River, which originates from Mount Kumgang, meets the Namhan River, which starts from the pond Geomryongso in Geumdae Peak in Gangwon Province.

The others are the Gyopyeong district (Scenic View 2), a pampas grass colony in Yangpyeong County; Ipobo and Choji-Gyeonggwan (Scenic View 3) in the Dangnam district of Yeoju; Yeojubo and an aquatic pampas grass colony (Scenic View 4) in the Cheonnam-Gasan district of Yeoju; Gangcheonbo and Hwangpo Dotbae (Scenic View 5) in the Yeonyang district of Yeoju.

A journey further upstream along the Han River leads to a garden of wild aster yomena (Scenic View 6), an endangered species found only by the river in Yeoju`s Gangcheon district, and Neungam-ri Island (Scenic View 7), a site of aquatic pampas grass and habitat for migrating birds in Chungju, North Chungcheong Province. All of these treasures culminate at Tangeumdae (Scenic View 8) in Chungju.

Legend has it that Tangeumdae is where Wooreuk, one of Korea’s three greatest musicians, performed with the 12-stringed Korean harp gayageum. This place offers a breathtaking view of a winding water stream with a thick pine tree forest.

The ministry will seek to develop these sites into hotspots popular with nearby residents and tourists by building bicycle paths, rest areas and observatories while preserving their natural beauty, ecological streams, wetlands and pampas grass colonies. The opinions of residents will also be reflected in the development.