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Teen Celebrities Pressured to Show Certain Body Parts

Posted August. 24, 2010 08:04,   


Ten percent of all teen celebrities have exposed their legs, breasts or buttocks in their entertainment activities.

The Gender Equality and Family Ministry commissioned a study to National Youth Policy Institute to survey 103 male and female celebrities and aspirants between the ages of 9 and 24.

The study found 10.2 percent of 88 celebrities said they had to expose certain parts of their body. Moreover, 9.1 percent said they had to caress, cuddle or kiss someone on stage and on the set.

Another 4.5 percent said they have experienced sexually insulting words or sexual harassment.

Many are encouraged to go on a diet or undergo plastic surgery. Among female teen celebrities, 56.1 percent were pressured to go on a diet and 14.6 percent to have cosmetic surgery.

Among 85 celebrities who are attending primary or secondary schools, 40 percent said their right to study is not guaranteed. In addition, 47.5 percent said they skipped a quarter of a day’s classes per week in a semester, and 34.1 percent said they have no time for homework.

The trend is that young singers drop out of school and get into college by taking a qualification exam because their right to study is not protected. Yet 65.9 percent said it is important to attend classes.

Among teen celebrities under the age of 18, 39.5 percent worked eight hours or more per day and 10.3 percent worked for 40 hours or more per week. Though the Labor Standard Act stipulates the working hours of a youth under 18 as less than seven hours a day and 40 hours a week, the law does not apply since entertainers are categorized as special workers such as insurance agents or salesmen.

Females often undergo psychological insecurity. Fifty female teen celebrities and aspiring wannabes say they experience insomnia (64.3 percent) or take anti-depressants (14.3 percent).

Gender Equality and Family Minister Paik Hee-young said, “We will find diversified methods that can protect the sexual rights of teen celebrities and their right to work and study.”

The ministry will host Thursday a seminar with related agencies to discuss policies at the Youth Policy Analysis and Assessment Center.