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Newsweek Runs Stories of Obama`s Campaign

Posted November. 11, 2008 09:21,   


The U.S. presidential race that produced America’s first black president is over, with Newsweek running several stories of what happened behind the scenes.

▽ Clinton-Obama War

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were more than rivals when competing for the Democratic Party’s nomination.

When Obama unexpectedly fared well, former President Bill Clinton often lost his temper. The magazine said Clinton got worked up in a phone conversation with his adviser, saying that if Obama is nominated, it will be "the worst denigration of public service.”

Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy in a phone conversation with Bill Clinton warned against a divisive campaign. The Obama camp started it, Clinton said. Newsweek said Obama’s lack of consideration of Hillary Clinton as a vice presidential candidate was mainly attributed to the emotional residue between him and former President Bill Clinton.

▽ Antsy McCain advisers

Every time John McCain stood before a podium, his advisers were nervous because the Republican candidate found the use of a teleprompter uncomfortable.

In April, he stood on a stump outside the U.S. Naval Academy for a speech but could not read the teleprompter on which the sun shone. His speech was ruined when the written speech got blown away by the wind. It was two days before Election Day when the McCain camp felt it was sure to lose. The critical internal conclusion was not delivered to McCain because his inner circle agreed not to tell him “as long as he is alive.”

▽ A worried Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was seized with a free-floating anxiety, even after she said yes to her husband`s bid to run for president. She used to question if he was being set up.

Her two kids were given cute nicknames by the Secret Service in case of an assassination attempt by white supremacists: "Radiance" and "Rosebud."

Upon hearing the news of potential assassination plans, Mrs. Obama lost her temper, asking why would anyone try to make people hate her family.