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N. Korea Attempts to Incite Anti-MB Movement

Posted May. 09, 2008 08:36,   


North Korea is increasingly toughening its criticism of the South Korean government for its decision to resume imports of U.S. beef, showing signs of inciting a movement to topple the administration.

On April 24, shortly after President Lee Myung-bak returned from visits to the United States and Japan, Radio Pyongyang reported, “Lee Myung-bak agreed to import U.S. beef, which had been put off due to the risks of mad cow disease, without any restriction or condition. The Lee administration is a government of U.S.-worshiping traitor.”

The North’s propaganda organization also argued in its commentary two days later, “All the people should begin bolder struggles against Lee’s pro-Americanism, dependency on foreign forces, betrayal of his own country and anti-North Korean confrontation and bury him at the right time.”

One day later, on April 27, a Web site affiliated with Pyongyang’s United Front Department posted a commentary, saying, “Lee Myung-bak is a wool-dyed pro-American traitor who believes that it is fine to sacrifice the lives and health of his own people in order to please the United States. Lee’s existence should not be tolerated any more.”

As controversies over the risks of mad cow disease intensified in the South after the MBC-TV news program “PD Notebook” was aired on April 29, Pyongyang’s accusation of Seoul became fiercer.

The propaganda organization “Uriminjokkiri” said on May 1, “It is Lee Myung-bak’s gang who will be rewarded by their boss by importing beef infected with mad cow disease. That suggests how Lee and his gang would be ridiculed by everyone with their clown stunt.”

The Stalinist state’s official newspaper Rodong Shinmun and Radio Pyongyang also said on May 2, “Lee is shocking all people, even airing an ugly advertisement that promotes consumption of U.S. beef. Korean people will never tolerate Lee’s anti-national crime and will do a thorough calculation.”

Moreover, the North’s official Korean Central Broadcasting Station said on May 5, “With the traitor in place, South Koreans can neither avoid humiliation nor realize their long-standing dream of reunification. Hence, the people of South Korea are emerging to struggle against the traitor and his gang.”

North Korea’s Cabinet bulletin Democratic Chosun said on May 6, “People’s struggle against Lee Myung-bak will only become stronger, and Lee’s future is so obvious.”

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