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[Editorial] UNDP Humiliates Voters

Posted November. 28, 2007 03:08,   


Three co-chairmen of the presidential election campaign committee of the United New Democratic Party (UNDP) – Sohn Hak-gyu, Lee Hae-chan, and Kim Geun-tae – are making noise by using the wrong words in their speeches. A few days ago, Lee Hae-chan said, “I am worried that voters might be going senile,” when he expressed his concern that the Grand National Party’s presidential candidate Lee Myung-bak maintained the highest approval rating despite a corruption scandal in which Lee is allegedly involved. In addition, former Prime Minister Lee also made similar remarks, saying, “If Lee becomes the president, the Republic of Korea will become an unauthentic nation, and voters who vote for him will call themselves a bogus nation.” Sohn also said, “This is a very strange country because voters here are showing the strongest support to an incorrigible liar.”

Such statements that the UNDP senior figures have made recently illustrate that they view the majority of people in this country as insane. Besides, their remarks that humiliated a majority of voters demonstrate how much they have looked down upon voters. Without thinking why a gap between its candidate, who has only a 10 percent rating, and Lee Myung-bak, a front-runner candidate with about 40 percent, occurred, they are just passing the blame to the nation. It is very clear that they have no idea about what voters want.

In fact, GNP candidate Lee’s popularity is a result of the people’s disappointment and anxiety over the ruling party’s incapability. It is the nation’s decision that politicians who complicated the national administration due to their obsession of self-satisfaction and self-righteousness should be punished. They deserve it.

Nevertheless, the UNDP is crazy about letting front-running candidate down by creating groundless suspects and exaggerating the relevant cases. For example, they criticized Lee’s wife for wearing a luxurious watch. However, this watch turned out to a Romanson watch priced around 110,000 won that manufactured in the Gaesong Industrial Complex. Moreover, they spread wrong information, saying that Lee was a criminal who was convicted 16 times. By using the BBK scandal, which is just being investigated by the prosecution, they are treating Lee as a convicted offender. They who had confusion with such erroneous allegations finally are getting punished.

Goh Hyeon-cheol, chairperson of the National Election Commission, said at his speech on Monday, “Voters should keep themselves alert not to be impacted by wrong propaganda and groundless slander,” adding, “I would like the voters to select capable candidates based on their policy agenda and their political opinions regardless of where they come from.” Twenty-one nationally respected senior figures also made announcements, saying, “Political parties and their candidates should stop reckless blaming and fabrication. We just expect that they show us their visions and philosophy as the nation’s leader.” This is what candidates and voters should keep their minds on now.