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UN Resolution on N.Korea’s Human Rights Sounds Like Last Year’s

UN Resolution on N.Korea’s Human Rights Sounds Like Last Year’s

Posted November. 02, 2007 07:05,   


The European Union (EU) and Japan are pursing the passage of a resolution on North Korea’s human rights that is similar to last year’s resolution.

The draft of the resolution is expected to be submitted on November 2 and urges for improvements on the following issues: torture, public execution, concentration camps, and forced labor; restrictions on freedom of ideology, conscience, religion and expression; serious malnutrition; and economic and social rights violations.

This year’s draft adds appreciation for North Korea’s rapid decision-making and proactive attitude toward the delivery of international aid after devastating floods. The draft also calls for the North to show a forward-looking attitude toward the activities of international aid agencies.

The UN General Assembly put the resolution to a vote last year and passed it with 91 votes in favor, 21 votes against, and 60 votes abstaining. South Korea cast a vote in favor of the resolution for the first time ever last year.

In the meantime, some politicians argue that Korea should take a different approach on the resolution vote this year as the nuclear issue is at a critical juncture due to the 2007 inter-Korean summit talks and progress in the six-party talks. The final decision of the Korean government is garnering much attention.

The government has announced that a decision will be made after reviewing phrases of the U.N. resolution, status of human rights in North Korea, and inter-Korean relations comprehensively.