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Ex-Governor Campaigns for Presidency

Posted October. 10, 2006 06:46,   


“I will do my utmost to transform the genes of Korean politics into a politics for ordinary people and the one closer to the people’s everyday lives.”

Sohn Hak-kyu, one of the presidential hopefuls of the Grand National Party (GNP) and former Gyeonggi governor, completed ‘100 days of political rally for public support’ on October 9. It’s been 102 days since he took the road for his pre-election campaign after his resignation ceremony as a governor on June 30.

He made a visit to Jagalchi Seafood Market in Busan to experience fish sales and returned to Seoul Station by express train (KTX) in the afternoon on the same day, saying, “I have learned so many precious things from the pre-election campaign,” and he added, “I will lead the nation with practical politics in order to give hopes to the people and to benefit the real lives of the industrious Korean people.”

The former governor stated, “I will continue today’s attempt and make another greater rally to more understand ordinary people’s lives so that what I have learned can contribute to the development of Korean politics,” and he underscored, “I will give body and soul to alleviate four major concerns of people: unemployment, education system, welfare of the aged, and housing.”

As for the North Korea’s nuclear test issue, he said, “The government needs to withdraw all forms of economic aid unless Pyongyang renounces its nuclear test and nuclear development. Given the gravity of the national emergency on Korean peninsula, we need to depart from vacillating responses and become more resolute to handle this affliction.”

Sohn added, “I will make profound discussions on the threat of Pyongyang’s nuclear test with Park Geun-hye, former chairwoman of GNP, and Lee Myeong-bak, ex-mayor of Seoul city, and I assure you that I will play my role in resolving the nuclear issue.”

His pre-election campaign led him to listen to ordinary citizens while he worked in 93 places including coal mines, factories, farms, and fisheries across the nation.

He will refrain from outside activities by the end of October to frame up his 2007 presidential commitments and future policies with experts of all walks of life, reflecting his experiences from the 100 days of the rally.

Sohn will pull out his second political effort of pre-election campaign to earn more public support starting November by making a lecturing tour of colleges and exchange sessions with experts in various fields.