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Suspicion on IIAC’s Preferential Treatment is Arising

Posted April. 11, 2005 23:33,   


Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) is suspected of giving preferential treatment to a particular company during the selection for an agency to manage its airport transportation system

Rep. Lee Nak-yon, Millennium Democratic Party, said yesterday that he discovered this fact after examining materials for auditing (March 9 and 10) presented by the IIAC to the Ministry of Construction & Transportation.

According to Rep. Lee, IIAC selected G among G, H, and J companies, which had participated in the competition last December, that was based on incorrect evaluation—G, which has never dealt with a credit card payment system for fares, was treated as one that uses this payment method in the evaluation materials.

According to the standards for qualification, the company should operate a credit card payment system, which is connected with VAN (value-added network) of credit card payment service providers for sharing related information.

However, IIAC gave extra two points to G, which is supposed to go to applicants who are equipped with a credit card payment system, despite the fact that a report of accomplishment presented by G states that it was not running a credit card payment system and other alternative systems.

In addition, in G’s report of business operations, the company didn’t mention issuing of commutation tickets, which is a weak point serious enough to decrease G’s score in the evaluation. However, IIAC didn’t reflect this.

G signed a contract with IIAC in last January.

Rep. Lee said, “G received 86.31 at that time. However, after correcting the evaluation, its score should be 84.31, which is below the minimum score of 85, and G should lose in the bidding.”

Responding to Lee’s argument, a source from IIAC said, “In fact, G has operated a software program on credit card payment for Korea Highway Corporation since January 2002. Therefore, there is no problem in this issue,” adding, “We didn’t take into account G’s non-mention of commutation tickets issuing in its report, because it is not an important matter.”

The source also said, “Companies who lost in bidding have filed a suit. So, this will be tackled in the court.”

Meanwhile, a source from Ministry of Construction & Transportation said, “An audit will start soon to investigate IIAC’s bidding process and, if we find anything wrong, the related officials will face punishment.”

Tae-Hun Hwang beetlez@donga.com