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KTF Hyun Joo-yeop Back in Shape

Posted November. 25, 2004 22:43,   


The 29-year-old KTF player Hyun Joo-yeop (195cm), dubbed "Air Magic," has set a special function in his cell phone which checks the number of days he passed up consuming alcohol. So far, Hyun has filled in 40 days until the present 25th. Hyun, who is a good talker, hasn`t taken any alcohol for over a month in order to tighten up on his fitness.

A changed Hyun Joo-yeop is one of the most spotlighted headlines for this season’s pro basketball league. KTF, lead by Hyun Joo-Yeop, has continued its winning streak to five and stands tied for second place.

Hyun, considered the most key member in the new powerhouse team KTF has reduced his weight from 120kg to 100kg via light eating and workouts off-season. Hyun, with a haggard-face, looks like a patient, but on the court his body is light like a feather.

But Hyun recently gained three kg due to his apprehension that he might struggle in body checks with his opponents due to his loss in strength. Hyun commented, "Even though I lose my appetite, I just try to eat. My task is to maintain weight."

One particular point about Hyun is that he makes lots of assists for his forward position in which he notched 8.42 assists per game after Kim Seung-hyun (9.5apg). Since Hyun makes numerous assists, last week he marked his fifth triple-double, which is the most made by a player in domestic play. Hyun explained by saying, “I really pay close attention to the flow of the game," and added,” Our guards are pretty small, so I would be in a better position to throw in the ball to the post."

Hyun also gave a high rating to Mcgee and Minage, who are known as the best foreign player duo. Hyun commented, " If you separate them, then it is hard to say that they`re the best, but when they keep time, then the potential is enormous." Hyun put out his opinion that Mcgee`s play isn`t that fascinating but is diligent, and Minage is fast tempered but possesses basic skills and is good on defense.

What could be Hyun Joo-yeop`s goal? Hyun said, "I really want to play in the post season. Except that, I don`t have any greed for anything else."

Jong-Seok Kim kjs0123@donga.com