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The Chairman of the UN Inspectors Denied ‘Development of Nuclear Weapon by Iraq.’

The Chairman of the UN Inspectors Denied ‘Development of Nuclear Weapon by Iraq.’

Posted September. 11, 2002 23:17,   


While the views of attacking Iraq by America were raising, the Chairman of the UN Arms Inspectors to Iraq, Hans Blicks said on the 10th that the assertion, which Iraq had massive killing weapons (WMD) or tried to develop them, was not true.

The Chairman Blicks said during a press conference after a closed meeting, “Recent aerial pictures show that Iraq does rebuilding in places where were destroyed by the bombing of the allies in 1998, but it is different to say that there is WMD.”

And in the UK, The British daily the Times reported that since the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is in favor of attacking Iraq by America, refused to call the Parliament to discuss that issue, the House Representatives tried to rent the Assembly Hall with their own money for the first time in British constitutional history.

The LA times reported that even in that situation, the American Department of Defense secretly placed necessary man power to finish preparation for attack against Iraq in as early as 2 month.

This paper added that the American Forces already secured enough weapons and military supplies to arm some 30,000 troops in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, and some 150,000 troops, which would be put into a full scale war, before Christmas.

To date, America placed 230 M1A1 Abraham tanks, 120 M2A2 Bradley tanks, 200 armored vehicles, 50 trench mortars, and 40 155mm howitzers in Kuwait and Bahrain.

And 2 army brigades are stationed in this area, and there are enough food and fuel for 2 brigades 5,000 men to operate for a month in the supply storage.

Jung-Ahn Kim credo@donga.com