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Gov`t to closely monitor military service by `people of social interest`

Gov`t to closely monitor military service by `people of social interest`

Posted November. 13, 2013 05:53,   


The government plans to concentrate its attention on monitoring military service by those from families of high social interest, including celebrities, sports stars, high income earners, senior public office holders and their children.

The Military Manpower Administration announced its "Vision 1318 Roadmap," a blueprint for its military service administration. Under the plan with 100 accomplishment tasks in five areas, the agency plans to establish a computer system and intensively monitor the fulfillment of the mandatory military service by "resources of social interest," starting 2016. Those subject to the intensive monitoring are numbered at approximately 111,000, including high-ranking public office holders and their children (some 47,000 people), those earning an annual income exceeding 500 million won (466,200 U.S. dollars) and their children (some 30,000 people), around 2,000 entertainment stars and some 32,000 sports athletes and players.

"We will intensively manage their military service records at every stage, from when they become eligible for military service at age 18 until their service is completed," said an official at the Military Manpower Administration.

Those who convicted for felonies and violations of special laws serving in public services instead of military services will be exempt from mobilization starting next year. The agency also plans to review by 2016 whether it is appropriate to subject middle school dropouts to active military service and determine whether to put everyone to service depending on their physical conditions regardless of their educational backgrounds from 2018. Currently, middle school dropouts and people with lower education are not mobilized for active military service.