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Rep. Yoon Jae-ok: ‘Yellow Envelope Law is for protection of KCTU’

Rep. Yoon Jae-ok: ‘Yellow Envelope Law is for protection of KCTU’

Posted September. 21, 2023 08:13,   

Updated September. 21, 2023 08:13


"The opposition is attempting to push ahead with the Yellow Envelope Law, which is an 'illegal strike promotion law' and an ‘act for the protection of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions,' to make the giant unions absolute power," Rep. Yoon Jae-ok, floor leader of the ruling People’s Power Party, said in a speech to the National Assembly as a representative of a parliamentary bargaining group on Wednesday. "The opposition is pushing for a broadcasting law that goes against fairness and independence," Rep. Yoon said. "If it is a necessary law, why didn't they do it during the five years they were in power?" He thus made clear his opposition to the controversial bills that Rep. Park Kwang-on, floor leader of the main opposition Democratic Party, indicated his party would attempt to pass alone on Thursday in Park’s speech on Monday as a representative of a bargaining group.

In his speech on Wednesday, Rep. Yoon blamed ‘fandom politics’ for the opposition's ‘legislative railroading.’ "Fandom politics, which leans on extremist supporters and the resulting extreme confrontation structure are at the root of the decline of democracy," he said. "Opposition for the sake of opposition has become the norm, and the majority party’s legislative runaway is now prevalent." On the former Moon Jae-in administration's alleged manipulation of national statistics revealed in the Board of Audit and Inspection's recent report, Rep. Yoon said, "The previous government manipulated statistics rather than fixing policies," calling it "an unimaginable act disrupting national disciplines."

"I never expected Yoon would start his speech by blaming the opposition and the previous government," said Lee So-young, the floor spokesperson for the Democratic Party. "It's shocking to see him blaming others for everything rather than reflecting and introspecting on their own."

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