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Alexander’s struggle for survival

Posted July. 18, 2023 08:00,   

Updated July. 18, 2023 08:00


Alexander of Greece fought at the forefront of every battle. I believe that Alexander’s demise was most likely due to the aftereffects of his injuries. His final wound, an arrow through the breastbone, was so severe that he was almost thought to be dead. Before this, he had suffered countless other injuries. Alexander showed soldiers the scars all over his body and said, "If anyone has more wounds than me, let them come forward."

There is a greater risk of fighting so hard at the front than the risk of being killed. It's the risk of defeat. The danger is that you lose sight of the big picture of how the war situation is going and get caught up in the battle in front of you. However, Alexander is said to have been able to read and react to the entirety of the battle, even though he was fighting hand-to-hand.

For Alexander, he had no choice. If he was going to lead all the troops in a war of conquest, he had to lead the army himself. He could not entrust someone else with his strongest army who could withdraw the army. Even if he did lead his troops to the battlefield, if the commander loses confidence in a dangerous battle with many enemies, he might surrender and join hands with the enemy.

Alexander’s mysterious abilities were not a gift from the gods but the result of his desperate struggle for survival. The more democratic societies are, the harder it is to rule, even if you can destroy a government with force. War heroes often become leaders, but they do so through popularity and trust, not solely relying on power. On the other hand, in societies where democracy is not yet established, military dictatorships and coups are common. When a commander takes power, he loses his direct connection to the army and its soldiers, thereby losing his power base right away.

All eyes are on Russia in the wake of Prigozhin's coup. Speculation is rife, but the outcome remains to be seen. It is clear that a country's identity and political phenomena do not deviate from the political ethos of its people. This will be an important indicator of Russia's interests, and that's why it's so interesting to watch.