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Three days into the Korean War

Posted June. 27, 2023 08:08,   

Updated June. 27, 2023 08:08


On June 28, 1950, North Korean forces entered Seoul and officially seized Seoul. North Korea’s mission was to occupy Seoul in three days, and it prevailed. The people of Seoul were shocked and became outraged at many terrifying rumors that spread and are still believed by many to be true today. However, most of the rumors were not true. Blowing up bridges crossing the Han River was a natural and strategic choice. The story of deliberately blowing up the bridge when refugees were crossing, killing many civilians was not true. It was only that the process, timing, and order system were chaotic.

Why was such huge confusion caused? The frontline was lost, and the capital was seized in just three days, no wonder pure chaos occurred. When Germans came up with the idea of the Lightning War for the first time, 90% of generals opposed it. In theory, it seems impossible and lethal. Supporters objected that that perception could be valid only on desk theory. Chaos occurs as soon as war breaks out. If the opponent penetrates quickly, most commanders and soldiers lose control.

Supporters of the Lightning War turned out to be right when the Second World War broke out. Another debated topic emerged: how would Germans respond to a Lightning War? When General Patton devised strategies to target the deep area of France, the U.S. command group was stunned. But in the end, the plan worked.

No army can overcome terror and shock. The only alternative is to prepare the head. Korean forces had no tactical preparation when the Korean War broke out. This is the key to the criticism that still remains valid today.

However, North Korea’s three-day operation plan failed. Though it succeeded in seizing Seoul, the South Korean government and administrative powers stayed in force. South Korean soldiers isolated in the northern part of the Han River struggled to escape and eventually returned. Many unknown soldiers sacrificed their lives to win five or ten minutes. While these war veterans passed away, we wasted time blaming politicians and failed to record their stories. This is what we should be truly ashamed about.