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Annual average tuition for 4-year universities is 6.8 million won

Annual average tuition for 4-year universities is 6.8 million won

Posted May. 01, 2023 07:52,   

Updated May. 01, 2023 07:52


This year, the average annual tuition at 193 four-year universities nationwide is 6,795,200 won, an increase of 31,800 won (0.5%) from the previous year.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education released their analysis of university information disclosure for April 2023. According to the report, the average annual tuition for private universities was 7,573,700 won, which represents an increase of 47,900 won (0.6%) from the previous year. Meanwhile, the average annual tuition for national and public universities was 4,205,600 won, showing an increase of 9,900 won (0.2%) from last year.

The analysis revealed that the highest tuition fees were charged for medicine (9,792,000 won), followed by arts and sports (7,790,000 won), engineering (7,259,400 won), natural sciences (6,850,000 won), and humanities and social sciences (5,975,800 won). “The increase in tuition fees is mainly due to universities factoring in the cost of admission fees, as they were abolished this year,” an official from the Ministry of Education said. However, it should be noted that this cost is not actually borne by the student, as it is covered by a national scholarship provided to all students.

The government has implemented a tuition freeze by withholding Type II national scholarship subsidies from universities that increase their tuition fees. However, due to long-standing financial difficulties, many universities are opting to forgo government support and raise tuition fees. This year, 17 out of 193 general universities (8.8%) increased their tuition fees, including nine private universities such as Donga University, Sehan University, and Kyungdong University, as well as eight out of 10 national universities for education.

The relatively lower tuition fees at national and local private universities may have been the reason for little resistance from students. This year, 18 out of 132 colleges (13.6%) increased their tuition fees, while a total of 35 institutions, including general universities, raised their tuition fees. The average annual tuition for colleges was 6,126,300 won, showing an increase of 124,500 won (or 2%) from the previous year.

Sung-Min Park min@donga.com