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Cho Yong-pil to unveil singles ‘Moment’ and ‘Like Serengeti’

Cho Yong-pil to unveil singles ‘Moment’ and ‘Like Serengeti’

Posted November. 16, 2022 07:40,   

Updated November. 16, 2022 07:40


Cho Yong-pil, Korea’s pop music legend, announced that he would release his new album titled "Road to 20-Prelude 1" on Friday. Cho unveiled his 30-second promotional teaser for the new album on Thursday on his official YouTube channel. Featuring his two new singles titled "Moment" and "Like Serengeti," the teaser video raised anticipation for fans as they could hear Cho's voice singing to the lively rhythm.

Cho's new album is expected to be a pre-release before his regular full-length 20th album. The word "Prelude" in the title refers to a musical section serving as an introduction to a longer principal piece. YPC, Cho's agency, said that his new album would be a completely new type of release he has never tried for the past 19 full-length albums.

Many expect that the album signals Cho's comeback in earnest after a hiatus. Cho will hold his solo concerts on November 26 and 27 and on December 3 and 4 under the title "2022 Cho Yong-pil and the Great Birth" at the KSPO Dome in the Olympic Park, Seoul. They will be his first solo concerts in four years since the last one in 2018, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of his music career. All 40,000 tickets for his upcoming concerts were sold out 30 minutes after reservations began.

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