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Ruling party accuses the opposition party of favoritism

Posted October. 05, 2022 07:36,   

Updated October. 05, 2022 07:36


People Power Party lawmaker Yoon Chang-hyun alleged the corruption of the opposition party lawmakers in the employment of Eastar Jet. On Tuesday, at the National Assembly’s regular inspection of the government offices, Yoon argued as such by publicly naming former Prime Minister Han Myung-sook and opposition party lawmakers Lee Won-wook and Yang Ki-dae. The accused refuted this by denouncing such accusation as “groundless.”

“A person related to former Prime Minister Han was employed despite having been ranked 70 out of 70 applicants; likewise, a person related to lawmaker Yang was ranked 106 out of 132, and a person related to lawmaker Lee was ranked 42 out of 70, and they both managed to b hired by the company,” said Yoon. “If this is erroneous data, you could blame Eastar Jet for submitting inaccurate data. However, if this is correct information, you should apologize.”

Easter Jet is an airline company established by former Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Sang-jik in 2007, and the Prosecutors’ Office is currently investigating a recruitment scandal.

The Democratic Party rebutted strongly against the accusations of the People Power Party. “I neither solicited favor for a third party’s recruitment nor know the person whom lawmaker Yoon alleges that I solicited favor for," Yang said. “(Lawmaker Yoon) made an irresponsible remark and wrongfully accused the former prime minister and Democratic Party lawmakers of corruption. If the accusation turns out wrong, he should take full responsibility and resign from the National Assembly.”

Kyung-Suk Kang coolup@donga.com