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LG EXAONE collaborates with Parsons School of Design

Posted September. 14, 2022 07:58,   

Updated September. 14, 2022 07:58


When a storybook designer orders the AI to draw a fox, the program quickly and effortlessly generates a fox wearing a stern look in the purple background. The designer modifies the command by saying he would prefer a softer and gentler take on the painting, and the AI modifies the painting and generates a smiling fox with a hairy appearance. The designer added several commands, asking the program to make the drawing a bit less realistic so that it would fit a fairy tale and to add an oil painting effect. The outcome was an illustration of an adorable fox.

LG collaborates with Parsons School of Design to generate various AI-based creative works. The LG AI Research Institute signed an LG-Parsons Creative AI Research Partnership at Parsons’ campus in New York, one of the world's most prestigious art and design schools, and agreed to advance its AI service based on the AI platform “Exaone Atelier.”

Launched in August, Exaone Atelier, based on the super-giant AI EXAONE, has learned more than 350 million high-resolution images combined with text and can understand language context and generate 256 high-resolution images in seven minutes with one sentence.

The LG AI Research Center described the Exaone Atelier as an AI technology for designers who thirst for new, creative images. “Many artists and designers consume a considerable amount of time to visualize ideas in their heads into reality,” stated the company.

In collaboration with Parsons, the LG AI Research Center will conduct a joint study on the measures to utilize generative AI in the art and design field. Its initiative includes a technology to visualize ideas of a professional designer and look for new methodologies, with a mid-to-long term outlook, for how to utilize AI technologies in the field of art. The LG designed Exaone to learn various data in text, image, video, or audio entered by a designer.