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Parcel delivered to tree

Posted September. 03, 2022 07:42,   

Updated September. 03, 2022 07:42


I knew of a poet who worked at a high-paying company wearing a nice necktie. He kept a smile on his face daytime as he was the envy of his friends. However, he sobbed at night, saying that he cannot focus on writing poems. I once happened to look at what his painful night was like, thinking that going to work and drafting poems repel each other. Indeed, the longer period of time you look outward, the less likely you are to contemplate introspectively.

However, poet Song Kyung-dong proves me wrong. Song as an activist has a good relationship with his poetic ego. As a poet, he never forgets himself having gone on hunger strike. Moments built on the site by the activist with blood and sweat translate into his poetic language. Although not any scene described in his poems has any beautiful quality in it, his valor and energy incredibly dazzle his readers. It is lucky that such a poet is around us. Honestly speaking, we are supposed to be with him.

Song wrote in his latest collection book that the world is such a beautiful place. This poem reflects a dazzling world that he dreams of and describes him living in his dreams. Such a desirable place in the poem is only in the heart of the poet. It does not exist in the real world. With Chuseok holidays just around the corner, an enormous volume of parcels may be shipped here and there across the country. Regrettably, we only have long-waited parcels in our hands but cannot see any delivery man who impresses us with his valor and energy.