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Anyang-ru and Beomjongak to become treasures of Korea

Posted August. 27, 2022 07:32,   

Updated August. 27, 2022 07:32


The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) announced on Friday that the Anyang-ru Pavilion and the Beomjongak Pavilion in the Buseoksa Temple and the Cheongamjeong Pavilion in Bonghwa County, North Gyeongsang Province will be designated as treasures of South Korea.

The Anyang-ru Pavilion is an attic-type pavilion built on the upper floor of a gate structure in the Buseoksa Temple, which joined the UNESCO World Heritage List back in 2018 as “Sansa, Buddhist Mountain Monasteries in Korea.” After the one-story original structure of Gangungak was burned down in 1555, the Anyang-ru Pavilion was built up in 1576 as we know it today.

The Beomjongak Pavilion, which features an octagon-shaped roof structure, dates back to the 18th century. Historical records remind us that a steel bell used to be in the pavilion but it is known where this bell has been gone since the 19th century. The CHA commented that it has a highly artistic value thanks to the beautifully sophisticated patterns on the supporting members of the roof structure.

The Cheongamjeong Pavilion is a gazebo located in the Chungjae Kwon Beol jongka of the Andong Kwon family. Built in the 16th century by the Joseon Nobles leaving office at the perfect spot according to traditional geomancy, this pavilion structure is one of the designated scenic areas of the country along with the nearby Seokcheonjeong Pavilion in the Seokcheongyegok Valley.