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Restrained discernment

Posted August. 01, 2022 07:54,   

Updated August. 01, 2022 07:54


Both English playwright William Shakespeare and his play Hamlet are so much famous. They are so renowned that not many people have actually read the play and in turn, only a handful of people naturally have been able to enjoy the essence of the meaning. As is with most of classics, Hamlet in the memory is a very boring summary, which parents have read to me during my childhood.

However, if you read the book as an adult equipped with humanitarian knowledge, you would feel different. Isn’t Hamlet real insane? But there is no evidence that uncle killed father? Why not control the feelings but explode in a random place and ruin everything? Like a well-made thriller, the episode drives the audience into confusion and chaos and leads to endless diverse imaginations.

Shakespeare’s serial tragedy is reproduction of the Greek tragedy such as ‘Oedipus the King,’ as well as reinterpretation of the medieval historic tradition. On one hand, the tragedy revives the dignity of the classics, and on the other hand, fuses an interesting subject matter with which everyone can sympathize.

In the play, Hamlet emphasizes discernment when teaching acting to actors. What is needed to derive the awes of the audience is restrained discernment. It is not only play. No matter what you do, it is mostly either excessive or insufficient. However, we try not to acknowledge it. Even if we know that many people recognize it when we look straight into matters and reach extremity with precise discernment.

Shakespeare made the most perfect play through the most unstable human Hamlet. Maybe not up to that level but we should stand up from our position in a stable manner, while gathering and pressing and overcoming our anxieties?