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Flowers wither as you weep

Posted July. 16, 2022 07:31,   

Updated July. 16, 2022 07:31


It is right in the middle of summer. However, not all of us are going through summer days of life. Young years of life are reminiscent of spring, and flares of juvenescence come across as summer. As spring and summer fade away, mature years of fall and winter in grayness follow. This analogy of four seasons is widely applied to a lifetime.

The principle of seasonal cycles is a truth that can apply not only to our lifetime but also to all other different stuff. In “Anatomy of Criticism,” Canadian literary critic

Northrop Frye divides genres of literature in four categories – comedy with spring, romance with summer, tragedy with autumn and satire with winter. At a closer look, you may notice that his analogy never goes wrong. Indeed, summer is a season of youth, which leads to the beginning of enthusiastic love that later brings about romance. That is why this poetry is the best enjoyment that you can have in the middle of summer as it is filled with summer-like feelings, youth, affection and heat of energy.

Here is a man who stands at the peak of sizzling summer. He falls in love, argues and decides to split. Even after a heartbreaking breakup, he cannot resist obsessing over the failed relationship as if it were the last love of life. Love of summer has a lot in common with a burning summer day in that it defies logic and rational self-restraint. The blindness of love proves itself in the title of the piece. Flowers wither as you weep. How absurd the idea is! Nevertheless, it also sounds like a magical, poetic and incredible confession.