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Korean War and war in Ukraine

Posted June. 28, 2022 08:02,   

Updated June. 28, 2022 08:02


I thought about the similarities and differences between the Korean War and the war in Ukraine. The similarities include the division of a country forced by foreign countries, conflicts of ideology and systems, a confrontation between global capitalism and socialism, international wars, and the likelihood of a division leading to a temporary ceasefire. The military troops of foreign countries on either side directly engaged in the Korean War but they had less impact on the global economy. The Ukrainian war is the exact opposite. Excluding some hired and volunteer soldiers, it’s mostly the troops of Ukraine and Russia. However, it has a huge impact on the global economy. Russia seems to believe that if it continues to attack Ukraine until winter, western countries will put pressure on Ukraine to convince the country to acknowledge a division and sign a peace treaty.

In that case, similarities will overpower differences. Ukraine will become a divided country, and Europe will begin the efforts to lessen its dependence on Russia’s energy and crops over the next five or ten years, even though it may be difficult immediately after the war.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will strengthen military cooperation while building a NATO army too dependent on the U.S.

From the global perspective, the Korean War was a signal for the beginning of the Cold War. The Ukrainian war forewarns the beginning of the next Cold War. “I am asking myself every day what I missed during my term in office,” said former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel who is under criticism for providing the causes for the Ukrainian war after having been praised during her time in office. What she missed must be a concern about this matter.

Are arms reduction and the expansion of mutually beneficial trade and economic dependence ways to build a more peaceful world? They may seem to create a more peaceful world right now. However, isn’t it a pathway to collectivize national interests and cause collective conflicts and world war? It is an eternal problem that the whole of humanity, not just Merkel, should resolve.