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Stronger graphic warnings on cigarette packs

Posted June. 21, 2022 08:00,   

Updated June. 21, 2022 08:00


Graphic warnings on cigarette packs will be replaced with more alarming ones with simplified written warnings from the end of this year. The Ministry of Health and Welfare confirmed the measure on Monday at the fourth National Health Promotion Policy Deliberative Committee meeting.

Currently, cigarette packs carry visual and written warnings about tobacco induced diseases such as lung cancer and laryngeal cancer as well as the dangers of secondhand smoke. Among 12 of these warnings, 11 of graphic warnings and 10 of written warnings will be replaced from December 23.

The current image that warns passive smoking is a child holding his/her nose, but this will be changed to a baby sucking on a bottle filled with cigarette butts. One of the existing written warnings goes: “The risk of lung cancer rises up to 26 times.” But this will be replaced with a simple “lung cancer.”

The Korean government replaces visual and written warnings on cigarette packs every two years under the belief that using the same warnings wouldn’t go so far, making people less wary of the dangers.