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Son Heung-min named ‘player of the season’ by Eurosport

Son Heung-min named ‘player of the season’ by Eurosport

Posted May. 23, 2022 08:01,   

Updated May. 23, 2022 08:01


Son Heung-min of the English Premier League (EPL) club Tottenham Hotspur has been named the player of the season by Eurosport.

Eurosport picked Son on Saturday for its player of the season award, which is given to the player who showed the best performance in the European football league in the 2021-2022 season. “Amazing what happens when Lionel Messi has an off year. All of a sudden there are about 20 or 30 right answers to this question (of who is the best player of the season). Our right answer is Son Heung-min,” said the sports network.

Eurosport said that Son has been better than Mohamed Salah of the Liverpool. The network gave a higher score to Son, considering the two teams’ situations. When Eurosport picked Son, the South Korean footballer was ranked No. 2 in the number of goals he made, with one goal behind Salah. There was the last match left. Salah has spent all season playing for one of the very best teams in the world, in a system designed to make the very most of his prodigious gifts, while Son has not, Eurosport reported. “Son, by contrast, spent the first half of the season playing for a coach who seemed to be actively working against the very concept of goals, then the second playing for a much better coach who nevertheless tries to resign every couple of weeks.” Eurosport also thinks highly of Son’s performance as he made 21 goals without any penalty kick. Salah had five penalties.

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