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Regret in year-end

Posted December. 31, 2021 07:54,   

Updated December. 31, 2021 07:54


As the poet has been through many struggles, he does not have much expectation for the new year. Asking what would happen in the new year gives him anxiety. As he is saddened by a few friends left, he feels depressed at the year-end. He held a position as prince guest at the time. It is a third-grade high-ranking position assisting a prince but the prince stayed in the capital so there was no close communication. Therefore, the poet says he is wasting his time idling away to mock himself.

Idleness for an official means he is isolated from mainstream society and became lonely. However, there is no point in lamenting the situation endlessly. A misfortune often turns into a blessing. The poet says idleness is freedom and he has a long life thanks to that. The signs of spring are also very welcoming at the year-end. It is a warm grace of nature and a bright light of the coming life.

When it gets closer to the year-end, it is natural to want to look back on the past year. If the year passed poorly, regret or frustration follows naturally. However, the poet’s reflection of the year is unmoved. He pulls himself as if hypnotizing himself even though he was transferred to a rural region as a result of his efforts to repeal the evils of eunuch politics. He is fully excited for the arrival of the new year’s spring after healing his wounds from the hardships of life.