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The reality is no different than the reality in ‘Hellbound,’ says Yoo Ah-in

The reality is no different than the reality in ‘Hellbound,’ says Yoo Ah-in

Posted December. 04, 2021 07:28,   

Updated December. 04, 2021 07:28


“Yoo Ah-in is a perfect actor for the global stage,” is the most memorable comment about me I’ve seen on the Internet,” Yoo Ah-in said during a video interview on Friday. It was an answer to the question, “Which was your favorite comment about you after Netflix’s ‘Hellbound’ became a global hit?”

Netflix’s Korean series “Hellbound” topped the platform’s list of most-watched TV shows, a day after its release on Nov. 19 until Dec. 1. With the series’ success, Yoo Ah-in, who played Jeong Jin-soo, the leader of New Truth, made his name on the global stage. “I still haven’t figured out how to grasp the concept of being No.1 in the world. I’m in the process of taking it in,” Yoo said. In “Hellound,” Yoo played the mysterious character, who makes it difficult to guess whether he is good or evil. While acting Jeong Jin-soo, he tried to create the maximum tension with minimum appearances. To do so, he even thought about the right height of eyelid to display empty eyes. He was praised as “the god of acting” after the series’ release.

A view of the world shown in the series is somewhat unrealistic: An angel prophesizes the time of death of an individual and three demons from hell demonstrate damnation on the day of prophecy. People display hatred to those who do not believe New Truth’s interpretation of the supernatural phenomenon. Yoo, however, said he thinks “Hellbound” is realistic, adding “Hellbound” could be a satire on warfare on the Internet or on the political scene.

“The reality we’re faced with is no different than the reality in ‘Hellbound.’ People have blind faith in a piece of information they picked up somewhere or impose their beliefs on others,” Yoo said. “This work expresses the hate, violence and collective madness that are common in real life in a slightly different way.”

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