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When recognizing imperfection

Posted July. 05, 2021 07:27,   

Updated July. 05, 2021 07:27


Don’t plan or think. Leave it to the flow of a large river. Don’t get obsessed with small things. When you recognize imperfection, you will finally be complete.

- “Pyohyup” by Mukgeomhyang

I found this quote from a martial arts cartoon. I wanted to find out its origin, as the lines were similar to how I approach my life, but I couldn’t find it easily. It is likely that the writer Mukgeomhyang himself wrote it or quoted it from a source that is not easily found. The creation process of cartoons is not easy.

The scene occurs when the main character has a new realization, stepping up his martial art skills from level nine to level 10. Right before reaching the final level 10, the protagonist makes various efforts to have a new realization in the face of danger, but it does not happen easily. Can we reach the final level as the protagonist did?

Many people are still doing their best despite the long exhausting COVID-19 pandemic. Not only healthcare professionals but many others are working hard in hidden areas. It is only natural that perfect responses to it are difficult as this is the first time we are dealing with such a pandemic. What is necessary under these circumstances is not expecting one protagonist to resolve every issue. How about we see our individual selves as protagonists and ride the flow to the finish line? We are doing our best in respective situations and that is why we are heroines and heroes.

With the distribution of vaccines, we can see the end of the tedious fight with the pandemic. It may not be the perfect ending, but things will be complete when we realize imperfection. Let’s comfort and cheer for each other for doing our best even though it may not be level 10.