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Painter Kim Byung-jong’s work to be auctioned off as NFT

Painter Kim Byung-jong’s work to be auctioned off as NFT

Posted June. 23, 2021 07:26,   

Updated June. 23, 2021 07:26


A famous work by painter Kim Byung-jong, 68, will be put up at a non-fungible token (NFT) auction. An NFT is a virtual certificate of authenticity that proves authenticity and ownership of an artwork. Recently, various cultural and artistic works are being auctioned off as NFT.

Marketing company Wannabe International said on Tuesday that the painting will be auctioned off for a week from July 20 to July 26 on NvirWorld NFT auction platform. The auction will be held virtually in 22 countries, including South Korea, Britain, and the U.S. All proceeds will be donated to children’s social welfare programs in developing countries by UNICEF. “Following my belief in the dignity of life, I took part in this online auction for digital art,” Kim said. “I am so happy to have the chance to support children around the world.”

The painting portrays two pine trees intertwined together with the main gate of Seoul National University (SNU) as a background. The two pine trees symbolize South Korea and China, expressing the painter’s wish that the two countries will build a strong friendship. It was given as a present to Chinese President Xi Jinping from then-SNU President Oh Yeon-chun during Xi’s visit to South Korea in 2014.

Kim, who served as the dean of School of Art at SNU, is often called “painter of life” in the art circle as he mainly publishes works on the subject of life.