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Posted March. 27, 2021 08:10,   

Updated March. 27, 2021 08:10


As soon as it may feel like spring, I suddenly find myself right in the middle of spring. I supposed that spring will come upon us only after the COVID-19 pandemic is gone, which has turned out to be the wrong idea. Oh my, all we have to do is to give it belated but hurried greetings. The season nearing us does not drive us deeply into despair but rather raises our hopes. This may be because the sun shines are glittering brightly. Furthermore, I even wish that the virus were sterilized and burned to ashes under the stinging spring sun. However, we may not be the only one who hopes things to get clean and aseptic under the sun.

Let me introduce a quote from a poem with timeless significance and impact which you may relate to. This piece of poetry has not been reviewed nor read frequently. Kim Hye-sook's "Laundry” is the best choice you can make when you want to indulge yourself under the warm and soft spring sun.

It may be the first positive connotation of laundering that I have ever seen. Likewise, I have never heard any poetic expression‎ like this that she wishes that she were laundry flapping on the clothesline. It is understandable how she feels so frustrated and polluted that she wishes to get stains out of herself, be rinsed off in clean water and get dry and clean under the sun to live anew. She may want too much of refreshment considering that she wants a whole new body but somehow hopes to set up a cleaner and more confident ego in herself. Understandably, she may have suffered horribly.

This poetry flashed across my mind while I was walking along the road on a bank to console my body and soul. Without my knowing, I likened myself to a walking dirty laundry that wants to get clean for a new life. I reasonably guess that it is not only me who wants a renewed life. Spring gives you an excuse. You come across a good chance to make your life newer and better. Leave things behind and start anew because you have one more reason to live on. A spring breeze will make you fresh and clean. Even if you do not turn into brand-new clothes, you can get as refreshed just as clean and fragrant clothes you have just taken out of the washer.