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A large vessel found in 6 months at a N. Korean coal port

A large vessel found in 6 months at a N. Korean coal port

Posted March. 10, 2021 07:36,   

Updated March. 10, 2021 07:36


North Korea has reportedly resumed vessel activity at a coal port in Nampo City, South Pyongan Province. According to the broadcast of Voice of America on Tuesday, satellite images taken on February 8 revealed a large vessel that is assumed to be some 150 meters long at a coal port in Nampo. It is the first time that a large vessel was detected after sailing has been frozen since August due to COVID-19.  

Voice of America reported that at least eight vessels came in and out of the port for about a month from February 8 to Sunday. The vessels loaded black substances suspected as coal in the cargo box, and traces of coal shipping were found on the floor of the port. Vessels started to move again at a port in Daean County near Nampo.  

When vessels at ports including the Nampo port stopped sailing last year, experts suggested that mining activity could be suspended due to flooding, which was caused by heavy rain and typhoon. The resumption of sailing shows that North Korea started to smuggle coal again after mending the water damages. Even though coal exports to the North is banned by the North Korea sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council, the communist nation continuously smuggled coal.

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