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Saying regards

Posted February. 27, 2021 07:31,   

Updated February. 27, 2021 07:31


“Why are poems good?” My job is to ask and answer this question. I always think about poems but it doesn’t mean that I find poems good every day. As you get sick of the world or your loved one from time to time, poems are the same way. However, when you find a poem that speaks to your mind, it is a completely different story. ‘Oh my!’ Your heart starts pounding and you are convinced that poems are great, of course. ‘Why are poems good?’ If you ask me, I would say because poems understand you and are on your side. Things might be different tomorrow, but you like poems if you think to yourself that a passage in a poem is exactly how you feel.

Spring is coming soon. The 40th spring or the 50th spring – a person experiences many springs in life. Knowing more springs is the same as getting older. It feels strange to experience the youngest season of the year while getting older. Rather than expecting a glorious summer, I want to age well and let go well. Poet Yoon Jin-hwa’s poem titled “Regards” would seem familiar to those who thought about death in the middle of a life or had a poet’s thoughts. The poem that understands your deepest thoughts will not seem unfamiliar. The idea that you are not the only one in the world to have such feelings and there are those on your side who share the same thoughts will tough your heart.

Let’s send regards before it becomes too busy in spring. Let’s say hi to good people and yourself who wants to be a good person. A poem written by a beautiful poet who wants to live in a humane way will be a great way to send regards.