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White House crews join exodus

Posted December. 07, 2020 07:58,   

Updated December. 07, 2020 07:58


The resignation of White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Alexandra Farah drew the most attention in the world of Washington politics last week. She worked more than three years as a core member of the Trump administration while serving as spokesperson for Vice President Mike Pence and the U.S. Department of Defense. The news on the resignation of such a major figure was regarded as a signal that a long waiting line for an exodus will be created in the U.S. administration.

Farah’s resignation coincided with Special Coronavirus Adviser to President Donald Trump Dr. Scott Atlas’ decision to leave the office. Despite being a medical professional, the pro-Trump figure disparaged the importance of wearing a face mask while calling the fear about reopening schools “hysterical.” After Defense Secretary Mark Esper was terminated last month, the resignations of the department’s top civilian officials for policy and intelligence followed.

Asked if it would have been more appropriate for top White House members to stay until the president’s tenure ends, a U.S. government official said that they want to keep a distance from President Trump so that they can leave for a new job as they will end up being jobless a month later. Another government worker, who do a temporary tour of duty at the White House, delivered a similar message that crew members of the Trump administration seem to be hunting for a new job behind the scenes because they find it inconvenient to explicitly express their will to leave as President Trump still claims his election victory. He said, “Luckily, those who belong to government departments but currently work for the president can go back to their position but nominated officials are bound to lose their job. Things are very bad for everyone in the White House.” As they all are in the same trouble, they find it hard to criticize their colleagues’ decision as a “betrayal,” according to him.

With a growing number of crews leaving the president, the West Wing of the White House is expected to become vacant rapidly. Already at the center of a mess, the lame-duck president will suffer a worse trouble than now. However, those whose livelihoods are at stake cannot afford to take care of his concerns. Their race for survival has already begun. Most of them want to join the U.S. Congress and Washington-based think tanks and consulting firms. What's worse, their choice is limited to conservative bodies. There is already fierce competition among those with overlapping jobs.

White House crews who leave their position until the last day will turn out to be loyal to the president, most of who have recklessly pushed ahead with impractical policies as requested by President Trump with their ears closed to public opinions. Furthermore, their lies, sophistries and administrative measures loaded with disrespect for rule of law have infuriated and exhausted U.S. citizens.

Their shameful remarks and actions will be remembered as part of history and come back to haunt them some day. It is absurd that they did not know that the sweetness of power for self-justification only lasts a short time. The lesson learned remains valid even outside Washington.